Is your paycheck meeting your financial needs, goals and desires?

Have your attempts to increase your income been working for you?

To earn the extra money you need,

Can you manage a monthly investment of:

  • $36.25 from your current earnings
  • A few hours of your available time to promote the benefits of a particular spending habit

Being Sponsored Into Network Marketing Works Like This

  1. You choose a network marketing store that sells products or services you already buy and start buying them from that network marketing company store. You become your own best customer.

  2. Your sponsor helps you to understand and explain the benefits of becoming your own best customer.

  3. You invest time or/and money promoting and explaining those benefits to earn the extra money you need.

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Would you like to know what I do to help the people that I sponsor?

Promoting the Benefits of Network Marketing as a TripleClicks Customer and SFI Executive Affiliate

As you browse TripleClicks I think you'll see it as more of a marketplace than just a store... that means with all the selection and value TripleClicks offers it simply makes it easier for you to become your own best customer as well as for the people you sponsor.

1. What does it mean to be your own best TripleClicks customer as an SFI Affiliate and what are the benefits of your best selling product?

  • Being your own best TripleClicks customer as an SFI Affiliate is Transfer Buying and means buying a minimum of 1500 VP worth of Products or Services from TripleClicks each month. This advances you in rank from SFI Affiliate to SFI Executive Affiliate (EA). The benefits of our best selling product TCredits are here. The best TCredit value is the 125 TCredit / 1500 VersaPoint Package for SFI Affiliates only... for as low as $36.25 and is listed here. Logging in as an SFI Affiliate is required to see this page and get current pricing.

2. How much money can I earn from sponsoring SFI Executive Affiliates?

3. What are the basic things I need to do to make money as an SFI Affiliate?

4. If I choose you as my sponsor into SFI how will you help me explain to people the benefits of being sponsored into network marketing as a TripleClicks customer and SFI Executive Affiliate?

  • If you choose me as your SFI sponsor (sponsorship into SFI includes your TripleClicks membership) I will create, host and email you the web address for a web page just like this one that you've been reading, at no cost to you. Your SFI Affiliate ID number will be used in all links to TripleClicks and SFI. That means you'll be the sponsor of every person who joins SFI and TripleClicks from that web address. Share the web address I send you with the people you want to sponsor. It will be available for as long as you maintain the rank of Executive Affiliate. To get started click the appropriate green button.

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